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السعر: 21,200 ر. س
Professional cable device 6 ml with a Smith machine, each side 100 kg, in black and yellow touches, with two external arms in yellow 2- Iron the device 3ml is a professional club device نادي 3- Duffash legs exercise 4- Parallel, his mind, a rack placed on the machine for free squash training, a rack for a free Olympic bar, a cable from top to bottom, Olympic weights 2.5kg 5kg 10kg15kg 20kg 5- External arms with a yellow balloon for free weight exercises (lever arms or jammer arms) The device is very strong and well known, bears champion exercises, bears very large weights, 6-Professional chair 3 ml iron with front and back legs accessory and connected to a cable on the professional device directly with the possibility of adding free weights. 7- Dumbbells rubber 5kg 7.5kg 10kg12.5kg 15kg 17.5kg 20kg 22.5kg 25kg 27.5kg 8- Professional iron rack 3 ml, very beautiful, in the same color as the professional cable cross device, black and yellow 9- A link to an external Olympic bar for free exercise, such as the back and others 10- Comments for the device’s accessories to organize The price includes delivery and installation inside Jeddah The price is as follows Iron Cable Cross Device 3ml 12150 Dumbbells with high quality iron and steel per kilo 15 riyals 320 kilos x 15 = 4800 Iron Rak 3ml 1500 Iron bench 3 ml with fixed legs accessory with rollers and cable to connect it with the device directly to take advantage of the weights of the device Price 1200 Olympic discs kilo 15 riyals 2.5 k 5 k 10 k 15 k 20 k x 2 = 105 k = 1575 riyals The price is on us and free delivery to all cities of the kingdom Whole Home Gym 21200 Competitive price if not the best and high quality with the quality of the clubs completely, as the clubs devices 3 ml and cable 6 ml Quantity is limited The package is basically discounted + new discount + free external handles (4 grips) Limited quantity Note free delivery to all cities of the kingdom Installation by the buyer الحالة جديد